Veg Growing

Whether you’ve always wanted to be a bit more self-sufficient but not known where to begin or been green-fingered for years; we can help you to cultivate a vegetable garden that will bring you edible rewards and pleasure for years to come. We currently look after several vegetable gardens home to hundreds of vegetable plants that sustain their owners all year round!

It takes a lot of know-how to get great results so we offer a full service to set up and maintain your veg growing areas for you. This way you can enjoy all the natural produce without hours in the garden. Alternatively, if you are keen to learn a new skill, we can give you a kick start by getting everything ready to go and then provide expert tips and tricks for how to cultivate the veg garden yourself.

  • Construct the vegetable patch or bed including correct positioning for sunlight, in-ground or raised beds, hazel canes, cold frames and greenhouse covers
  • Prepare the soil for optimal veg growth
  • Plant the area with seasonal produce
  • Maintain the plot until harvest time
  • Re-cultivate the plot ready for new seed-sowing and crop-rotation
  • A quick-reference, wipeable map of the plot to show what’s growing where
  • Demonstrate and teach veg patch tips and tricks to get the most of your plot including keeping the bugs at bay

Check out our PORTFOLIO or see below for great examples of our vegetable growing and to give you ideas for your garden