About the owner:

My name is Josh Thornton and I own Evelyn Landscape Gardening. I was raised in Chipping Norton and lived there until 2018. After a fulfilling year in Melbourne, Australia, working for a large landscaping company, I am now based in Banbury. My experience follows my journey from grounds maintenance through to construction landscaping.

I began working in grounds maintenance in 2011, maintaining commercial and utility sites. Over the next 3 years I earned 2 Diplomas in Horticulture and started to developed an interest in garden design as well as starting to learn my first landscaping skills. In 2013 I began my degree in Horticulture at Pershore College and Worcester University, during this time I began to work as a self employed gardener for large land owners with fine gardens as well as small domestic properties based in Chipping Norton.

Whilst at university I further developed my interest in garden design, culminating in winning a competition to design the University’s show garden entry at the Malvern Spring Show 2015, based around Alice in Wonderland; winning Silver!

In mid 2016 I finished my degree and began working self employed full time. Splitting my time between working as part of a landscaping team on a large country estate and gardening in small residential gardens. Over the next 18 months I vastly increased my landscaping skills and built on my horticultural knowledge until at the end of 2017 I moved to Melbourne, Australia to fully immerse myself in the world of hard and soft landscaping and build on what I had already developed.

While in Melbourne I helped to construct: 5 show gardens at the Melbourne International Flower Show 2018, an 8 month long residential project, the commercial VIP area at the Melbourne Cricket Ground for the AFL Grand Final as well as numerous small projects and repairs all over the city and surrounding countryside. This experience taught me a vast amount about landscaping as the art of running a business and I will never forget the heat!

Upon returning at the start of 2019 I have resumed business, this time based in Banbury, and am excited and ready to see what my business and I can offer. As can be seen from my working history over the past 8 years I have experience in gardening, maintenance and landscaping. In the future I hope to continue to grow the business and client base while retaining the fantastic client’s we already have.

Why are we called Evelyn Landscape Gardening?

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